1Do you just drop off the Photo Booth at the event?
No, a staff member will stay with the booth throughout the event. We ensure that everything is running smoothly and assist guest to enjoy and have fun.
2Do you have props?
Yes we have a prop box full of hats, boas, glasses, etc.. to add to the fun.
3 What if I want more than one copy of the same photo?
We can provide duplicates of the same picture on the spot.
4Can I get copies of all the photos from my event?
Yes! Your photos from your event will be saved on a CD or DVD that you will receive at no cost. This includes all the individual poses and the four-pose photo prints. They are as well posted on smug-mug with a protected password.
5What are the dimensions of the photo booth?
Height- 6ft Width- 3ft Quick compact assembly consists of two pieces, which staff take care of.
6Can you accommodate an outdoor event?
Yes, as long as there is an appropriate electrical outlet available within 30 feet of the Photobooth, and if the weather is permitting. The safety of the guests is most important.
7Can you accommodate an event on a higher floor?
Yes. Our photo booths are mobile and portable.
8Do I need to choose between color or black and white?
When each guest enters the Photobooth, they will have the option to have their photo taken in either color or black & white!
9How soon will you be set up before the scheduled start time?
We will have it set up and ready 30 minutes before the scheduled contract time. Earlier set up fees may apply.
10What is the standard number of hours for renting a photo booth?
Most any event is successful with 2 hours up to 4 hours of service. However we can provide our services for any length of time you would like.
11Do you travel?
Yes . We charge a travel fee outside the city limits.
12What is needed to reserve a Photobooth?
A signed contract and a deposit of 50%. Balance is due 14 days prior to the event.
13What if I need to cancel?
You may cancel at anytime, however the deposit is non-refundable.
14Can we have special messages and borders on our photos?
YES! We can create your frame the way you like with text that you would like printed, company logos, customized images if green screen . Just send us a 1200 pixel of the picture and sky is the limit. We will create a personalized photo template with you prior to your event.
15How long does it take for the photos to print?
Using the latest in technology, we are able to print images approximately 10 seconds after an image is processed.
16How big are the prints?
4x6 regular sized photo.
17How often can the guests use the Photobooth during the event?
We provide unlimited usage of the Photobooth for you and your guests for the duration of the event. Please take as many as you like.
18How often can the guests use the Photobooth during the event?
We provide unlimited usage of the Photobooth for you and your guests for the duration of the event. Please take as many as you like.
19Is there an on-site technician?
Yes. We provide professional on-site support to setup, run and take-down the Photobooth for your event.
20Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, E-Transfer, certified cheque.
21Do my Guests have to pay to use the booth?
No No No..It is all -inclusive for your guests for the duration of your event
22What is the best location for the Photobooth?
High traffic area attracts the attention of your guests for fun and entertainment throughout the event. More exposure the better.
23How many people can you fit in the picture?
How many can squeeze in front of a camera? (that many)The more the merrier!. Being an Open Air Booth (no sides) we are also wheelchair accessible.
24Why is your website on the photo?
To ensure the guests have the information it is best to have it accessible so that your guests may download them.
25Can we view the Photo Booth before booking?
Absolutely. We will make arrangements to come to the office to see and experience the fun and excitement, your guests will experience.
26How can guests view and share the photos?
Photos are placed in an online gallery on our website for public viewing and ordering after the event, and can be password protected.
27Can the gallery be password protected?
Absolutely. Let us know ahead of time on what access option you prefer.
28We are Non-profit, can you work with our budget?
We support our community charities and fundraisers. Please contact us for rates for your event.
29What events do you attend?
Weddings, fundraisers, graduations, charity events, store promotions, product launches, grand openings, reunions, birthday parties, corporate events, school functions, private parties (house), Bars and pubs,etc.
30Why use a photo booth when we have a photographer already?

Many photographers do a wonderful job capturing your wedding memories during the ceremony and reception, but many photographers only stay until the speeches are done and the first couple of dances. Then, the party really picks up and gets interesting. A Photos booth helps ENTERTAIN your guests by taking photos in a more relaxed way with props or no props. It is a service that compliments your professional photographer - not replacing them.

Photo Booth includes

Free delivery, setup and removal of the Photo Booth A friendly on site attendant for the duration of your event Unlimited Photo sessions with 4x6 prints Choice of Black and White or Color photos A high resolution photo DVD of all the images from your event A customized event graphics applied to all prints Open Air is wheelchair accessible And of course a lasting impression with your guests All packages include unlimited photos for your guests, props, signs and an attendant.

"Idle Time"

With 3-4 hours you may want to breakup booth time, between speeches and dinner. One hour during cocktails then idle for dinner and speeches and then 2 hours after for the evening during the dance. You can do that by adding idle time. There is a small hourly fee for this. Ask about details.


Video Booth

Function allows guests to record up to a 20 second video message and switch to a photo booth after. Record your BEST WISHES in person or as a group.

Green Screen

Allows you to replace your background with fun exciting choices YOU CHOOSE,(mountains, beaches, Paris,) whatever you like we can create.

Flip Books

A series of pictures that differ with movement on each page, so when you flip through rapidly, the pictures appear to animate by change and motion. Small book that creates the illusion of motion.