A better photo booth experience for a better event !

Twilite Open Air Photo Booths


At Twilite Photo Booths, we only use genuine Open Air Photobooths to make sure you get the best experience at your wedding or event. What makes these booths so special? Well, these booths offer convenient setup and placement as they are a fully contained unit that includes a high quality DSLR camera, commercial grade, high speed photo printer, proper flash and lighting and even a review monitor so you know what your shots will look like! Because our photo booths are open air style, they can be set up with up to a 10x10 curtained off room, or even used to take large group photos without walls.

A Better Photo Booth Experience

After doing well over 1000 photo booth events and having been in the entertainment industry as professional wedding & event DJs for more than 35 years, we've seen what really matters at an event to take it from good to great, or from great to unforgettable. That's why when we started offering photo booths we found the best possible ones we could - and we continue to upgrade and improve our equipment. Not that we're biased or anything...

Optional Video Booth Function

Allows your guests to record up to 20 second video messages
What’s the Room Size? Winner: Open Air Because there are no walls, you have no constraints as to your booth size. Our standard setup is a 10’x10’ curtained room A traditional booth is less than 4 feet wide. That’s not a lot of room, is it?
How Many People? Winner: Open Air No constraints means there is no limit to the amount of people you can get in the picture. We’ve even done photos with 100+ people in them! You can only fit 4 people at a time in a traditional booth. Unless you’re a clown troupe. Then, you could probably double that number.
Creativity Potential? Winner: Open Air Have everyone jump on the count of three. Or toss someone in the air (don’t forget to catch him or her though). You’re only limited by your imagination. You definitely can’t jump in here. But you can sit quietly and smile or make silly faces. Just be sure to do it within view of the camera.
What About The Equipment? Winner: Open Air Better DSLR cameras with wide angle lenses. High quality printers with commercial paper and ink. Infinite lighting possibilities. And that’s just a start! Generally, traditional photo booths have used low quality webcams and standard printers and utilize insufficient lighting…all adding up to inferior quality pictures.
Which Is More Fun? Winner: Open Air Because there are no constraints, you can do anything in an open air photo booth. Seriously, these things are the best! Traditional booths are still fun. Just not as much.

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Extra Photo Booth Options

Special Extras

Guest Album $75

4×6 Acrylic Frames $1.00/each